Shipping information


Our products can be purchased in the whole region of the European Union including Switzerland, Norway, Luxemburg, and the UK.

Free shipping

You can get free shipping for orders over €100. This applies to Central EU destinations. For certain destinations within the EU, free shipping applies to orders above €450.  For non-EU destinations in Europe, we offer free shipping on orders above €450.

Sales out of Europe

Are you are interested in purchasing our products and you are located outside of Europe? Don’t worry, we love having new customers and you can always contact us by email:

Standard shipping prices

Standard shipping prices apply if you order below the amount of €100. Depending on your location the flat rate of shipping varies between €10-50. The flat rate of €10 applies to all central EU locations. For certain EU locations, the flat rate is €20. For non-EU locations in Europe, the flat rate is €50 due to customs clearance expenses.

B2B sales

If you are interested in becoming a whole-seller or purchasing a larger amount of our products for your business please contact us on: / +4528824882